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Dear Friend of The KAIGAN Foundation,

One of our future goals for The KAIGAN Foundation is to make Kidney Disease Awareness month worldwide were sports teams wear a piece of green to support.  The KAIGAN Foundation was given an opportunity with the RailRiders to make this future goal happen but in order to make this a success and start the trend we are looking for multiple corporate sponsorships to raise $3,000 by Friday, October 7, 2016 in order for the baseball players to wear green jersey for a RailRiders game in 2017.

Please contact either Nicole Warner at 951-329-0231 and/or Nicole@TheKAIGANFoundation.com and/or Russ Canzler at RCanzler@SWBRailriders.com for more information.   


Jersey Auction Promotion Night will include the following:

* KAIGAN logo on promotion of “Jersey Auction”.
* All proceeds from the Jersey Auction are to benefit KAIGAN.
* Four (4) Themed Team Jerseys.  Two (2) jerseys are allocated to Business Sponsor, and two     (2) are allocated to KAIGAN.
* One (1) Interactive Business Sponsor Table on the Promotional Night.
* Ten (10) tickets to  game with access to the Mohegan Sun Club for XYZ Business Sponsor
     &In-Game Public Address Announcement supporting KAIGAN Jersey auction.
* KAIGAN logo on jersey sleeve (if it’s a certified 501C3).
* KAIGAN and XYZ Business Sponsor logo on all video board mentions of Jersey Auction.
* KAIGAN and XYZ Business Sponsor logo on LED Wall during game and all promotion of      Promotional Night.
* Website promotion of KAIGAN and XYZ Business Sponsor.
* Social Media promotion of KAIGAN and XYZ Business Sponsor .
* VIP Tour for up to ten (10) guests on Promotional Night.
* One (1) First Pitch on Promotional Night.
* Pre-Game XYZ Business Sponsor Commercial Spot (30 seconds)
* In-Game KAIGAN and XYZ Business Sponsor  Commercial Spot (30 seconds)


Nicole Warner, Founder/President
The KAIGAN Foundation
951-329-0231 Office
Nicole@TheKAIGANFoundation.com Email